Secondary 2017 ….. back on the cancer carousel



Stanley, Jessie and Ellie.  My new favourite tulip and the first bluebells of 2017

So …. to bring my blog up to date.

Impressive appointment at the Royal Derby Hospital on 31 March.  Within 80 minutes I’d had a mammogram, ultrasound, discussion with Mark Sibbering (consultant surgeon) and core biopsies.  Came away knowing that the tumour – very evident on the ultrasound – was likely to be malignant.  Well done Jo on stomaching the biopsies – not easy on either the receiving or viewing ends.   We both left the hospital feeling ……. well, a bit disappointed.  Had rather hoped that I would have a longer period of respite.  But an appointment was booked for one week later to get the results, so no anxiety as not long to wait.

Thursday 6th, spent a fab night with good friend Jacci – a lot of talking, a lot of wine.   An amazing woman.  Check her campaign.  Dying to Work | Campaigning for additional employment protection for terminally ill workers   Got the biopsy results on Friday and, to quote Mark Sibbering, I have ‘a bit of cancer’.  By the time me and Jo left, we were feeling relieved.  Strange when you’ve just been told you have cancer.  For the 4th time.  But …… a full body CT scan booked for Tuesday 11th, and an appointment with Mark to get the results on Thursday 13th.  If no metasteses found, next stop is pre-op assessment on Tuesday 18th followed by surgery on Wednesday 19th.  How good is that, eh?????  If there are metasteses, we will have to go to Plan B.  But at the moment, there is no Plan B.

Me and Jo almost fell off the sofa laughing when Stacey, my CNS (Cancer Nurse Specialist) said I must contact my GP to arrange for a Community Nurse to do a home visit  post-op.  Well, I’ll try.  But, based on past experience with Lincolnshire Community Health, I don’t hold out much hope there.   I’m prepared to be amazed and will eat my hat if it happens.

Since my last blog I am feeling soooo much better.  Anti-depressants have finally settled down and alcohol consumption has reduced considerably.  And having Jo(sephine) here at Rose Cottage had helped tremendously.  She’ll stay for as long as I need her.  Huge thank you, Jo.




Grimesthorpe Castle opening for the new season.  Loving guiding again.

Seeing Ellie , Stanley and Jessie …. 3 lovely labs plus owner Catherine!

Dave and Jenny Burton coming for a  visit and a fabulous meal at The Six Bells, Witham-on-the Hill.  Highly recommend it.

Catch-up and coffee with Heidi – a lovely friend.

Five star rating for Royal Derby Hospital.

Garden blooming lovely!


Cancer diagnosis

2 thoughts on “Secondary 2017 ….. back on the cancer carousel

  1. I recently came across this Celtic Blessing, I love it, I hope you do too
    The peace of the running water to you,
    The peace of the flowing air to you,
    The peace of the quiet earth to you,
    The peace of the shining star to you,
    And the love and care of all of us to you

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