Me and my broken LINAC


It was all going so well.  Plans for the 3 weeks of Radiotherapy in Derby were all done and dusted.  Josephine arrived from Cornwall ready to look after all the animals, greenhouse and tackle some jobs around Rose Cottage.  The first 7 days of radiotherapy went without a hitch.  I even got in and out in less than half an hour on 2 occasions, meaning no car parking fees!  I remember when all car parking used to be free for patients undergoing cancer treatment.  Not any more in Derby, but it is in Peterborough.  Another post code lottery ……

Then the LINAC broke down.

I got a phone call from the hospital on Friday afternoon.  After I’d had my treatment that morning, the machine packed in.  Nothing to do with me, honest.  Linear Accelerator Number 3  (to give it it’s full title) is 10 years old and due to be ‘retired’ on 14th October.  So I was advised to contact the Radiotherapy team on Monday morning to make sure it had been fixed.  It wasn’t, but they were certain it would be up and running again by the afternoon so my appointment was changed to 5.00 pm.  But it wasn’t mended Monday.  Or Tuesday.  Or Wednesday morning.  Appointments were made.  Appointments were cancelled.  As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to hear if my 8.30 pm appointment is still on for tonight.  No wine with dinner.  Why couldn’t LINAC 3 have held on for just another 2 weeks?


Spending lots of time with Danny and Alex.  Having dinner at Bistro Pierre with Robbie and Teresa, with luxury overnight accommodation!  An early birthday celebration dinner for Josephine with Pete, Jan, Jo, James and the boys.



LINAC breaking down and cancelled appointments.  Toenail falling off.