First day of treatment …. hurrah!!!

It feels like it has taken an age to get here … more about that later.  But first day of chemo has gone well.  Oncology nurse found a vein on the 1st attempt (I was worried about that) but it helped to have a ‘new’ way of raising a vein – sticking your hand in a small bucket of warm water.  Basic but it worked.  Strange the way treatments and solutions evolve …..  A bit of a surprise was being presented with a goodie bag which includes syringes to inject myself with bone marrow boosting drugs for 7 days.  Alex is happy to stick needles into Grannie if required .. bless him.  After a recouperation couple of hours at Jo’s and cuddles from Alex an Danny, I drove home.  Big thanks to Catherine for looking after Coco and Baldrick – it really helps to take the pressure off.  IMG_5531